Rational Beauty


Questlove is a drummer, producer, musical director, culinary entrepreneur, and New York Times best-selling author. What unites all of his work is a profound interest in creativity. In somethingtofoodabout, Questlove applies his boundless curiosity to the world of food. In conversations with ten innovative chefs in America, he explores what makes their creativity tick, how they see the world through their cooking, and how their cooking teaches them to see the world. The conversations begin with food but they end wherever food takes them. Food is fuel. Food is culture. Food is history. And food is food for thought.

AIGA Fifty Books of the Year Award


Photography: Kyoko Hamada
Writer: Ahmir Khalib Thompson and Ben Greenman

Food Art Direction: Alexis Rosenzweig
Cover art: Reed Barrow
Cover art food styling: Erin McDowell
Photo Retouch: Colin Strohm

Design Intern: Yerang Choi
Photography assistants: Julian Horn, Kevin Rogers, Whitney Matin, Ramsey Alderson, August Sagnelli, Daniel Dorsa, Naomi McCulloch, Sara Mark

Typeset in Lyon, designed by Kai Bernau from Commercial Type Foundry, and Akkurat designed by Laurenz Brunner from Lineto