Rational Beauty

PAN’S Supernatural

Supernatural takes us beyond expectations and tests our imagination to suggest new futures and ways of being. While many disciplines can explore this theme, fashion is most notable as a conduit for the supernatural. As representation but importantly as an embodied practice, fashion image-makers and designers can envision wild fantasies of what might be possible and conjure our dreams. These imaginings are essential — to visualize, confront and subvert individual and collective desires and fears, and test out new ideas concerning bodies and their adornment. Importantly, fashion can also hover between states, inhabit liminal spaces, to create clothes and pictures that embrace uncertainty — potentially frightening and exciting in equal measure.


Publisher: Pan & The Dream
Editor / Creative Director: PAN
Design Director: Jeanette Abbink
Contributing Designer: Mike Abbink
Contributors: Abdula Jama, Ahamed, Alex Foxton, Allison Brooks, Ambika Singh, Ashley Louise Williams, Awuor, Barbara Mancini, Benoit Delhomme, Bill Mullen, Billy & Hells, Caterina Mannarino, Christina Clemm, Christina Zimpel, Cory Alexander, Crista Leonard, David A. Keeps, Deborah Turbeville, Drew Martin, Drew Wilson, Elizaveta Porodina, Emma Balcomb, Frankie Chartsuwan, Harry Lambert, Henry VanBeber, Hiroto Yamauchi, Jabali Sandiford, James Crewe, Jen Smith, Josef Beyer, Julia Soboleva, Julia Virkler, Julie Wolfe, Levi Monarch, Lisa Houghton, Lisa Jahovic, Loulou Westlake, Maddalena Arcelloni, Marcia Resnick, Marcus Schaefer, Marianna Gefen, Marianne Marić, Marla Belt, Maurizio Bermudez, Maxine Helfman, Michael De Feo, Miriam López de la Nieta, Nachum Shonn, Nadav Kander, Neil Grupp, Niamh, Pablo Kuemin, Paul Westlake, Petra Börner, Pierre-Alexandre Fillaire, Polly Borland, Ralph Whitehead, Rebecca Arnold, Regina Harris, Ricardo Miguel Hernández, Rob Unett, Roxane Attard, Rupert Shrive, Ryan Wohlgemut, Sabrina Mandanici, Sally Bourke, Sayaka Maruyama, Shani Ha, Sophie Hartnett, Stephen Lewis, Todd Hido, Tommy Stayton, Tracy Nguyen, Urs Lüthi, Vasily Agrenenko, Vesna Vrdoljak, Victoria Chi, Willow Barrett, Yui Mizuta
Design Intern: Tyler Owens

Typeface: Druk and Schnyder at Commercial Type

Format: 297 x 420 mm
Covers: 5
Number of pages: 148
Publication date: 2021-06-04
Measurements: 297 mm x 420 mm
Loosely bound
ISBN: 978-1-7338824-1-5

Special thanks to the MUUS Collection for their generous sponsorship.