Rational Beauty

Rooms We Love

An anthology amassed from Dwell’s past issues, Dwell: Rooms We Love highlights each room of the home, showcases furniture and accessory curation, and provides design tips and solutions. The magazine’s content is organized by rooms, using colors—each one carefully chosen for their mood-evoking qualities—to identify each section.

In this issue, we debuted the Milo serif type as the new font for Dwell Media, chosen for its modern and humane characteristics. It also launched Dwell’s new special issue identity. The cover design strategically positions itself from Dwell’s regular issues with the inset image and typographic treatment.


Graphic Design: Jeanette Abbink, Emily Cm Anderson, Max Ackerman
Photo Editors: Anna Goldwater Alexander, Julia Sabot and Kristen Fortier
Photography: David Mead, Justin Fanti, Alexi Hobbs, Drew Kelly, André Doyon, Lincoln Barbour, Chris Tubbs, Andrea Wyner, Joe Pugliese, Filippo Bamberghi, Kyle Johnson, Andrea Chu, Noah Webb, Naomi Finlay, Ian Allen, Ake Lindman, J. Bennett Fitts, Andres Hviid, Eli Meir Kaplan, Albert Font, Petra Bindel, Marian Anderson, David Giles, Mark Mahaney, Frederik Vercruysse, Christopher Rudquist, Raimund Koch, Ryohei Hamada, Drew Kelly, Tim Van de Velde, Christian Schaulin, Elsa Young, David Engelhardt, Elsa Young, Shai Gil, Jeff Heatley,

Special Editor: Dan Rubenstein

Printed at Brown Printing in Minnesota
Typeface: FF Milo and Avenir