Rational Beauty

Cradling The Singing Bird

This artfully oversized book is a mesmerizing dreamscape that features the creative collaboration of PAN publisher and visionary Nathalie Agussol and multimedia artist Julie Wolfe. These creative luminaries marry their surreal imaginations and kindred visual worlds in Cradling the Singing Bird — a line adopted from a poem by French surrealist poet Arthur Rimbaud, who had an outsized influence on modern art and literature.

The limited-edition, loosely bound, 60-page book showcases a series of double-sided posters printed with luminous clarity by Lithuania-based KOPA on uncoated Munken Pure Rough paper, for a tactile experience. I chose Genath for the type, as François Rappo’s revival font features playful, artful, and sumptuous details that match the spirit of this other-worldly book.


Format: Soft cover
Number of pages: 64
Publication date: 2022-04-15
Measurements: 330 x 430 mm