Rational Beauty

Blue Violet

A book of deeply personal and lush photographs, drawings, and writing, Blue Violet is Cig Harvey's celebration of the natural world and the senses. It was a labor of joy interweaving her lush, color-saturated photography with a motley of textual forms (prose, poetry, recipes, lists, diagrams) and it’s a sensual pleasure to turn the French-fold style pages bound within the moody printed cloth hardcover. We were tickled when the first printing sold out in five days, following accolades from the New York Times, Aesethetica, Photo-Eye, the Financial Times, and others.


Publisher: Monacelli, a Phaidon Company
Photographer: Cig Harvey
Introduction: Cig Harvey
Foreword by Jacoba Urist
Editor: Alan Rapp
Production Director: Michael Vagnetti

Typeface: Sang Bleu Empire
Sang Bleu Republic

Format: Cloth Hardback with French-fold style binding
Number of pages: 208
Publication date: 2021-05-04
Measurements: 9.25 x 11.50 inches

Music: Marginalia #13, Masakatsu Takagi