Rational Beauty

American Craft

Steering the conversation in the maker community, the design of American Craft continued to illustrate the relationship between craft’s past and present. To reflect the magazine’s thoughtful content and history, we chose Erhard Kaiser’s Fleischmann font, a reinterpretation of Johann Michael Fleischmann’s 18th-century typefaces. Its attention-grabbing details, such as the ligatures in the headlines, became a signature design aspect that defined the typography.


Graphic Design: Jeanette Abbink, Emily CM Anderson, Natasha Chandani
Photography: Robert Schlatter, Ben Hoffman, Elana Dorfman, Dave Lauridsen, Adam Wallacavage, Cameron Wittig, Lauren Silberman
Writers: Molly Hatch, Joyce Lovelace, Robert Sullivan, Roger Green, Mija Riedel, Iain Aitch, Sarah Archer,
Editor: Andrew Wagner

Printer: RR Donnelley in Virginia
Prepress: Digilink

Typeface: DTL Fleishmann