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American Craft Redesign

The award-winning redesign of American Craft brought a new face to one of the longest-running continuously published magazines in the country. With a new logo, typography, and photography, as well as expanded editorial content, the timely redesign launched right when a new generation of boundary-pushing artisans was emerging. Distinctive design elements, ranging from headlines created from 3D letterforms to fresh photography of established masters’  work, elevated the magazine’s voice in the craft community.


Graphic Design: Emily CM Anderson
Photography: Anna Wolf, Sally and Richard Greenhill, Chris Mottalini, Peter Strube, Elena Dorfman, Anthony Geernaert, Andrew Zuckerman, Laurie Frankel, M-36, Michael Schmelling
Writers: Robert Sullivan, Karrie Jacobs, Lily Kane, Sigrid Wortmann Weltge, Roger Green,
Editor: Andrew Wagner

Printer: RR Donnelley in Virginia
Prepress: Digilink