Rational Beauty

A Long Arc: Photography and the American South

The South, often mythologized and frequently photographed, has been a subject of keen interest for photographers since the nineteenth century. Through photography, they've captured the evolving character of the South's people, landscapes, and culture while addressing pressing issues of the American experience, such as racism, poverty, slavery's legacy, environmental challenges, immigration, and the impact of a modern, global economy. This visual history, intertwined with American history, serves as a unique lens to explore American identity. A Long Arc: Photography and the American South is the companion to a significant exhibition at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta.

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Copublished: Aperture and High Museum of Art, Atlanta
Design: Jeanette Abbink and Diana Stanciulescu

Format: Hardback
Number of pages: 304
Number of images: 275
Publication date: 2023-11-21
Measurements: 8.07 x 11.42 inches